Industry and Environment Webinar Series 1: Turning Waste Into Energy

On Saturday, 20th June 2020 The Center for Green Technology Research at the Postgraduate School of Diponegoro University has carried out Industry and Environment Webinar Series 1 about “Turning Waste Into Energy”. In this Webinar, the Dean Postgraduate School DR. R.B. Sularto, SH, M.Hum in his speech The Dean said that this event is a series of Webinars that will be held by Green Technology Research (GreenTech) of Postgraduate School, Diponegoro University. GreenTech is one of the research center at Diponegoro University and it is expected to contribute in overcoming the problems we are currently facing, that is pandemic Covid-19.

In this series 1 webinar, GreenTech presented 4 speakers:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Purwanto, DEA (Green Technology Research Center, Diponegoro University Postgraduate School; Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Diponegoro University) with the title “Strategies to Managing Waste into Products and Energy”
  2. Suparni Setyowati Rahayu, MSi (Semarang State Polytechnic; National Research and Technology Reviewers) with the title “Processing Tofu Industrial Wastewater Into Biogas”)
  3. Ir. Nani Harihastuti, MSi (Industrial Pollution Control Technology Center) with the title “Turning POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent) into Sustainable Bioenergy”
  4. Arif Susanto, ST. MKes. MSi. M.AB (National University of the Republic of Indonesia; PT. Freeport Indonesia) with the title “Utilization of Used Oil as Industrial Fuel”

Webinar’s speakers materials can be downloaded here.