Academic Advisory Board




The Academic Advisory Board for Doctoral Program of Environmental Science (AAB-DES) and Doctoral Program Staff  Responsible person will work together to ensure that the program delivers learning is up to date and relevant to current business, industry, labor, and professional employment practices. AAB-DES will provide support and advice to academic programs, assist in the development of new programs, and identify best-practice standards. Board members will also serve as ambassadors for DES that providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and ideas with members of a broader society in the environmental issues and challenging.

Specific duties of AAB_DES are the following:

  • Provide input and advice in the academic field to the study program.
  • Provide consultation for the development of study programs in terms of research and its application.
  • Provide advice on how  to improve and develop training to meet the needs of lecturers and education staff.
  • Help the study program promote throughout the community.
  • Make recommendations to help assure that the program addresses the employment and educational needs of business, industry, labor, and/or the profession.
  • Advise the program to ensure students graduate with the skills employers need.
  • Identify and present opportunities and/or host opportunities for student capstone projects or experiences.
  • Provide feedback, advice, and/or assistance with a variety of program-driven tasks and/or projects.

The AAB-DES member:

  1. Edi K. Putro, MBA
  2. Dr. Edi Hilmawan, B.Eng, M.Eng
  3. Dr. Alvin Lie Ling Piao
  4. Dedy Widya Asiyanto, S.Si, M.Sc.
  5.  Dr. Poerna Sri Oetari, M.Si

Formal Regulation  for AAB-DES run according to the Dean School of Postgraduate Studies Degree No. 51/UN7.5.12.2/SK/2022

Formal Regulation for AAB-DES can be accessed here:

Academic Advisory Board