The implementation of development so far has often focused more on aspects of economic growth and neglected environmental and social aspects, which have a serious impact on environmental conditions. As a result, environmental problems, such as the process of global warming and climate change, continue and have negative impacts that threaten human survival.

In the era of globalization, environmental aspects become a central consideration in the implementation of main activities such as economic fulfillment, regional autonomy and development. The world’s serious attitude in responding to climate change issues and suppressing global warming is stated in the Paris Agreement as a result of the annual conference of UN member states on climate change in 2015.

In Indonesia itself, environmental protection efforts are contained in Law No. 32 of 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management. Starting from the above thinking, an educational process that instills the importance of environmental insight and skills in environmental management is very necessary.

Doctoral Program of Environmental Science which was established with a permit from the Director General of Higher Education No. 2782/D/T/2008, and for the second time has been accredited A according to BAN PT No. 543/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/D/II/2018, facilitates students to have insight, ethics and develop concepts of science and technology in the field of environmental science in order to realize environmentally sustainable development.