Requirements to register Dissertation Feasibility Examination:

  1. Consult to each supervisor either Principal Supervisor (Promoter) or Co Supervisor (Co Promoter) minimum 3 times and it is proven by Book of Consultation signed by Promoter and Co Promoter or fulfill a guidance activity at SIAP.
  2. Submit a draft of dissertation approved and signed by Promoter, Co Promoter, and Head of Doctoral Program either soft file or hardcopy.
  3. Submit the revision matrix of Seminar of Dissertation Research Result signed by the supervisors and the examiners.
  4. Submit 2 copies of Scopus indexed articles: 1 article in Scopus indexed proceedings and 1 article in Scopus indexed journal (completed by acceptance letter).
  5. Submit a soft file of Dissertation Feasibility Examination presentation.
  6. Submit a payment receipt of tuition fee.

Procedures of Dissertation Feasibility Examination registration:

  1. Fulfill an exam registration form in google form. Click here to Registration of Feasibility
  2. Submit the registration document of Dissertation Feasibility Examination to study program office or to email within 10 days before examination.
  3. Wait for examination is scheduled by study program and the student will be contacted if the schedule of examination is fixed.