Educational facilities in Doctoral Program of Environmental Science include comfortable classrooms with supporting facilities from various units:


  1. Basic Chemistry
  2. Coastal Area Development
  3. Radioecology
  4. Environmental Biology
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Waste Treatment
  7. Soil Mechanics
  8. Geology
  9. Hydrology
  10. Computing


  1. School of Postgraduate School Library
  2. Diponegoro University Central Library
  3. Environmental Research Center (PPLH)


  1. Environment & Residential
  2. City Planning

SSO (Single Sign-On) (Click here) is an integrated system that connects the Undip academic community with several IT resources and facilities provided by Diponegoro University. This service was created to give convenience for users in conducting IT-based academic activities. SSO is also used to access wifi that covers the entire area in Diponegoro University.