In commemoration of Environment Day, the Board of Professors of the Academic Senate with the Master and Doctoral Study Program in Environmental Sciences at Undip Postgraduate School held a webinar with the theme “Behind the Flood of Rob Pantura, Central Java.” This webinar will take place online on June 8, 2022 via Zoom Meeting.

The speakers present were:

1. Hendrar Prihadi, M.M. (Mayor of Semarang)
2. Dr. Ir. Suripin, M.Eng. (Professor of Undip)
3. Dr. Ir. Sutrisno Anggoro, M.S. (Professor of Undip)

In addition to the 3 speakers above, this webinar was also moderated by Prof. Dr. Ir. Syafrudin, CES, M.T., IPM., Secretary of Commission D of undip Board of Professors.